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After taking a group of kids to a camp in Madison
County in 1953, Brother Cova Duvall, Pastor of Corinth
Baptist Church envisioned that Corinth Church could
also have a camp.

So with the help from the church members at Corinth, the camp opened in 1954 for boys only, but that didn't last long, because the girls also wanted to go to camp, thus the camp was opened for both boys and girls.

Brother Arlon Davis, Boone's Creek Baptist's Associational Missionary suggested that other churches be invited to attend and with Brother Duvall in
agreement Boone's Creek Baptist Camp opened
it's doors in 1954 with 54 campers and 15 helpers
representing 10 churches in the Boone's Creek
Baptist Association.
Brother Lloyd McHanes became the first Camp Pastor to be followed by Brother G. R. Henson, Associational Missionary for Boone's Creek Baptist Association.

In 1954 the Association voted to sponsor a camp.
Through fund-raising efforts 23 acres of land
surrounding Corinth Church was purchased. And
in 1955 at the annual meeting of Boone's Creek
Baptist Association at Mt. Olive Baptist Church it was
voted to make the camp a permanent part of the
associaiton's work. The original land on which the
camp now sits was purchased in 1956.   

In 1957 at a special meeting of the Executive Board, plans were made to enter into a building program on the campgrounds. Plans were made to build a home for the Association missionary, installing a water system, building a dining room and auditorium, graveling the road and constructing a parking lot, blacktopping the basketball and tennis courts, painting the buildings, and building a swimming pool, which all of these projects became a reality in time.

Boone's Creek Baptist Camp became a temporary school for students from Trapp School while they were rebuilding after a fire destroyed their school in July, 1984. The Clark County School Board leased the facility for the school year beginning August, 1984 through May, 1985 and beginning again in August, 1985 through May, 1986.

Some of the activities campers enjoy are: bible study, campfire service, chapel, music, roller skating, swimming, canoeing, hiking, and other programs.

Churches in the Boone's Creek Baptist Association, other Associations, individuals and other organizations have offered their time, labor, resources, and money to keep Boone's Creek Baptist Camp in existence. There have been over 21,200 campers during the 58 years of camp operation.

Over 2,700 young people have made decisions to follow the Lord while at Boone's Creek Baptist Camp. Keep praying that Boone's Creek Baptist Camp will always be a blessing to the Boone's Creek Baptist Association.

*note parts of this page are excerpts from a previously written book about the Boone's Creek Baptist Association*