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1.) All keys will remain in the office. Anyone needing to have a building unlocked during working hours must come to the office.  The secretary, camp manger or the DOM will unlock the buildings.  Prior arrangements must be made for unlocking buildings during the weekend with the camp manger. 
2.) No one on camp property after regular business hours unless prior approval granted at camp office.
3.) No loitering will be allowed on camp property anytime.
4.) Visitors welcome but must sign in at camp office.
5.) Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
6.) People fishing or on the water in canoes, paddle boats, etc. must sign waver at office.
7.) While in paddleboats or canoes, wearing of life preservers are mandatory.
8.) The pond or pool are not to be used by guests or visitors without prior arrangements with camp office. Swimming in the pond is forbidden for everyone.
9.) Use of pool is forbidden by visitors unless waver of liability is signed by a responsible adult and a person with life guard training is available.
10.) All persons shall have respect for camp property and the property of others. Christ like behavior and attitude must be shown to others. A person found to be destructive of property shall be liable. Parents are responsible for their children and their actions while on camp property.
11.) All trash is to be placed in garbage bags with ties and placed in the dumpsters.
12.) All groups are expected to plan activities and maintain conduct upholding the camp's goal of building Christian character.
13.) Prohibited are: alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, firearms, fireworks
14.) Smoking is not permitted in buildings or woods and is discouraged anywhere on the grounds.
15.) Pets are not permitted in the kitchen or dining area.
16.) Please drive slowly and be careful when driving on the grounds.
17.) Motor vehicles are to be driven on the gravel lanes only; please keep vehicles off the grass. No 4 wheelers or ATV riding on property.
18.) A copy of the rules will be posted at the office, in the gym, at the ball field , outside of the gym, on the barn, the web site, etc.
19. Absolutely no campers on the roofs of the cabins for any reason.
20. The violation of any rule on this sheet by a camper may result in the camper being sent home.

These rules are not inclusive and may be revised if needed.              Thanks Management!