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The origin of Boone's Creek Baptist Association is found in the first record book of the Association. The churches that made up the Association were former members of Elkhorn, Tates Creek and North District Associations.

Because these bodies were very large and the geographical bounds very large, that forming a  new Association would be more convenient as to distance, etc.
In 1821, Mt.Gilead Church of Fayette County, Ky appointed messengers to visit neighboring churches to solicit their cooperation.
In 1822, a meeting was called for the messengers from Mt.Gilead, Boggs Fork, Boone's Creek and First Baptist Church of Lexington to meet at Cross Plains (now Athens). James Fishback was chosen moderator and
William Boone clerk.

The messengers agreed that it was desirable to organize a new Association. They met again the next day at Boone Station where the committee as appointed to draft a constitution and to report the next day.

On the third day, the committee reported a form of constitution and rules of decorum. The prepared constitution was then sent to the churches where it underwent considerable alteration. First Baptist Church of Lexington did not want it altered so they dropped out. 

The messengers met at the appointed time at Boggs Fork Church and a constitution was agreed upon. The convention then appointed that the 28th day of May 1823 as the day for the association to be constituted. On that day messengers from Mt.Gilead, Boggs Fork, Hickman and Boone's Creek met at Mt.Gilead Church and the constitution, as previously adopted by the churches was read again and sanctioned by the messengers as their constitution.

After neccessary inquiry and examination, the presbytery representing the above churches proceeded to constitute an association called Boone's Creek. Elected moderator Jacob Creath and elected clerk William Sterns, signed and dated "The certificate of Organization, May 28, 1823" .

*note this page is an excerpt from a previously written book about the Boone's Creek Baptist Association*